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Rodrigo Villar
Managing Partner

A passionate social entrepreneur with the aim of changing the paradigms of different models which generate a positive impact for society and the planet. Due to his curiosity and strong motivation, he has successfully grown the New Ventures team, bringing together wonderful and key people that together continue to change the status quo of business.

Erik A. Wallsten
Managing Partner

Developing a consistent and inspiring vision within the investment ecosystem has been his main objective, always procuring the social and environmental welfare; He stands out for having an analytical mindset and his great ability to inspire the team and the impact investing sector with a keen business vision.

Armando Laborde
Managing Partner

His motivation is driven by generating and executing projects that aim to contribute to solving the world’s problems to create a fair society with equal opportunities. In his career he has left a mark as one with vision, compassion, respect and strategic leadership, focused on driving businesses with social and/or environmental impact.


Adobe Capital

Christopher Holcroft
Investment Analyst
Bárbara Mendoza
Investment Analyst
Rodrigo Zozaya
Investment Associate
Paula Giraldo
Investment Officer
Rafael Payró
Investment Analyst
Alejandro Salinas
Investment Analyst
Alejandra Revueltas
Portafolio Manager


Valerie Díaz
Karla Gallardo
Edna Martínez
Financial Planning Manager


Sophia Celeste
Daniela Trujillo
Project Manager
Keyla Campuzano
Project Manager
Daniel Reyes
Acceleration Manager
Graciela Suárez
Project Manager

Institutional Development & Communications

Itziar Amuchástegui
Director of AIIMX
Ana Nájera
Communications Intern
Rebecca Schick
Manager of Institutional Development
María Puch
Director of Institutional Development
Ana Gastelum
Manager of Strategic Alliances
Ana Gorbea
Manager of Communications and Institutional Development


Arlett Castrejón
Sergio Salazar

Administration and HR

Guadalupe Orozco
Ana Lilia Olivares
General Accountant
Carmen Martínez
Accounting Analyst
Mitzi Gallaga
Director of HR & Talent